Some helpful websites with insights

Recently I read these two articles about singleness and the mission field:

And this one about how your life changes after serving on the mission field:

It’s funny, being a missionary in 2014 is so different from like Hudson Taylor or missionaries of the past who had to move their families and maybe never hear from love ones or the outside world again. Communication worldwide has come A LONG WAY. I don’t take for granted how I can use my smartphone and computer and have access to the internet, even if it’s slow sometimes, to be able to connect with others. I love texting with my Ethiopian friends while I’m in the US, and vice versa. And I’m grateful for blogs and resources that I can read no matter where I am and feel nourished and encouraged.

Just wanted to share three links that meant something to me recently.

If you work overseas I would highly recommend subscribing to the “A Life Overseas” blog which routinely publishes articles written by experienced expatriates and touches on all sorts of topics like loneliness, learning the language, eating different food, educational challenges, raising kids in another culture, etc. It’s been wonderful.

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